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Container – by Karen

28 Jan

If we have any readers who aren’t jointly friends with most of us, they may be wondering why production has slowed a little of late. What is happening to this awesome blog that is my favourite and the best, they will be asking themselves. I must explain to such valued readers that it is an exciting time for the Far Flung Four. Justyna has created an entirely new human. Tabitha has been married. Beth has been the world’s best bridesmaid. And I… Well, I did learn to ski.

Last night was Tabitha and Nathan’s Australian wedding, and it would be very difficult and tiresome for me to think about ANYTHING else right now. If I liked difficult and tiresome things, I would have a full-time job, that I had to reach via a series of Cityrail trains, with a personality-disordered boss, with an end-product as disappointingly meaningless as an In Da Club ringtone. Well, I did have that job once, and it was totally worth it, because I met Tabitha and a handful of other peculiarly superb people. That achieved, I will leave the world of tiresomeness behind, and just blog a little about what I want to blog about – the marriage of Tabitha and Nathan.

Do I think that Container is an apt and profound metaphor for marriage? No. But there’s some merit in it. Tabitha spoke about her former feelings on marriage prior to falling in love with Nathan, and how any objections were sublimated by the immediate desire to be as close to him as possible, for as long as possible, in any officious or non-officious way on offer. Was marriage an unnecessary bind? A foolish trap of conformity and restriction? For these two, it is as Beth might say, a container for love. Banish the prison imagery and replace it with something suitable for a couple who are dazzling and flamboyant, precious and strong. Yes, Tabitha and Nathan are now contained in a sparkly Fabergé egg of marriage. Behold, and sob with joy.


A container for joy, by Beth

24 Jan

The very first thing “container” made me think of was Kahlil Gibran’s ‘Joy and Sorrow’ from The Prophet: “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” I don’t care, dear reader, if you think he’s naff. I read the book just after my grandmother had died when I was 17 and that idea of not being afraid of sorrow because it carves you out so you have more room for joy has stayed with me ever since and been a great comfort.

So in the spirit of containing joy, and love, I am sitting here writing my speech for Tabitha and Nathan’s wedding this weekend and having a good old trip down memory lane while I’m at it. (Don’t worry guys, the Kahlil quote won’t be in there!) Looking through old photos I discovered these. Taken on the 19th of April 2008. The first flush of love fresh on their beauteous faces.

If these guys aren’t joy-containers, I don’t know what is. Note, they are sniffing each other for realz – those Vietnamese wedding photographers know what time it is.

I know you’ll have one hundred years of happiness.