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Far Flung Four is dead

28 Oct

Long live Far Flung Four!

OK, I’m calling it. After a year, 52 topics, 183 posts and 784 comments, Far Flung Four is having a sleep. A big, big sleep.

But I’m confident that it’ll be back in a while from now. Or maybe even a shorter time. Who knows?

What I do know is that I really enjoyed writing for it, and reading all the entries. I loved the sense of closeness it gave me to the other flingers, and to our faithful readers, especially Mischa and Suzy.

I look at my weeks now and I’m not sure where I fitted in writing my posts. That time has been quietly eaten up by other things. Most notably the fair.

So it’s so bye for now I think…unless someone wants to try a last ditch resuscitation  Things have changed a lot for my fellow flingers in the past few months. All of whom have relocated, or are in the process of relocating, and there’s lots of change happening in work and family and life in general.

This weekend I took part in an oral history project where I was interviewed about my life and how I have been affected by things like technology, place, family and belonging. I got to tell someone my life story! Crazy, amazing, tiring, teary. It took over six hours, and I’m feeling pretty exhausted, but it was a great thing to have been a part of. I mentioned this blog in the interview, and remembered what a cool thing it has been – touching on every single one of those topics, and much more.

So…. Thanks for the laughs and the thoughtful insights and the feeling that I’m a part of something much bigger than myself. I miss our philosophical chats, our silly rants – all of it. But I’m also glad it died out with a bang and not a wimper.

I look forward to when we reconvene, whenever that is.

Love, Beth