Cake and other C words – by Karen

20 Jul

Now, I’m on my phone’s internet connection, so it’s just not practical for me, but I believe if you watch that video right through, you’ll see some of the most arresting choreography since Single Ladies (Put  a Ring on It). Most especially arresting, is the erm, crotch framing move which has since been christened the Pussy Pat, the Vag Vogue and the Cake Cutter (at least partially in reference to her unfortunate Chris Brown collaboration, Birthday Cake). The significance of this move in a feminist context boggles my mind in a way I find pleasing. Is it liberating for a woman to adapt and adopt the crotch-grabbing incorporated by most male hip-hop and r&b artists post-MJ? I think so. It’s also definitely a little bit gross.

I find myself liking Rihanna, originally with the placidity of a Singapore radio listener, and more recently, against my will. And one of the things that I like most about her is her willingness to be gross. I think this might be the only thing  I still like about her post her cynical Chris Brown endorsement (aka the Birthday Cake saga). Her hypocrisy in pretending she hadn’t used the relationship for publicity in that interview is very off-putting, and she acts similarly affronted when questioned about him in interviews, despite the deliberate and unnecessary collaboration on Birthday Cake. In the same way, she’s offended when the douche bag in this interview asks her to teach him the cake cutter because it’s “disrespectful” and inelegant (only because of the dress of course), but seriously, did she think she was in private when she performed it in her music videos? (Honestly though, that interviewer deserves worse treatment, what an embaarassing fool – – skip to 2:05).

But I really did think it was kind of funny that she wore her C**t necklace to a Catholic Church. And that when someone tweeted that her red hair made her look like a tampon, she publicly replied that at least she wasn’t a c**t. Hmm… Maybe I only think she’s funny because she uses the C word a lot. May need to reassess.


3 Responses to “Cake and other C words – by Karen”

  1. Tabitha July 22, 2012 at 1:27 am #

    Oh, it’s not that gross, is it? I was expecting a lot worse! I’m so out of touch with Young People Things that I just assume it’s standard issue for them to defile themselves in unspeakable ways, so this seems quite tame by comparison.

    Speaking of Young People Things, I’m so impressed that you keep up with them. I didn’t know Rihanna collaborated with Chris Brown again! That is much, much worse than having a dancing vagina.

    I like Rihanna too, despite myself. She’s sassy, and has enough personality for me to at least remember who she is.

    • Beth July 23, 2012 at 5:05 am #

      I agree! I dance more raunchily than that in my kitchen! I got the end of the video and was still watching for anything offensive (other than the general sameness of it).

      • Karen August 5, 2012 at 9:59 am #

        I am very glad you all found it so non-gross, and even gladder that Beth does the pussy pat and WORSE in front of her sink. However I am now a little worried I might have posted the wrong video, as I didn’t have a functioning Youtube that day…

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