Leisure – by Beth

19 May

I’ve felt pretty out of touch with music for a while now. When I get the chance for some headphone time  I listen to podcasts, and up until recently Leo refused to listen to a lot of my favourite music. But now, the worm is turning, and he likes nothing more than listening to B52’s ‘Cosmic Thing’ in the car. We muse about which our favourite songs are (mine: ‘Junebug’, his: ‘Love Shack’), and sing along as he head bangs from his car seat. In the house we compare dance moves. It’s hot fun.

After the success of getting out B52s again, and when the topic this week made me think of the early 90s Blur album, I thought I’d mine the letter ‘B’ from the CD cabinet and see what else I came up with. (Bands beginning with ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘S’ have the best music in my experience).

I do realise that not discovering much new music and listening to my old music is SAD! and OLD FOGEY-like. I discover about 10 new great songs a year and that’s just how it’s going to be until something changes. Funny that now I discover ‘a song’ and when I was younger it was about whole albums… My reactions are below.

Unmoved by:

  • Blur – ‘Leisure
Or yeah, it’s OK:
  • Belly – ‘Star’

This is a freaking classic:

  • Boards of Canada – ‘Geogaddi’
  • Beatles – ‘White Album’
  • B52s – ‘Cosmic Thing’

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