Web – by Karen

4 May

Sometimes when I’m searching for inspiration for a Far Flung Four post, I enter the topic word into Google Images and see what pops up. I didn’t do this with “bottom”. This week it seemed safe,  and I got this:

Is that not the most boring visual array? The web is so boring! And so blue! Interestingly, this proves correct one of the utterances of one of the psychopathic publishers I once worked for. He maintained that the majority of IT magazine covers should be blue, because blue is the colour of IT.

When I entered that search, I was kind of expecting to see all kinds of beautiful lacy organic things, but I guess if I wanted that I should have typed “web” into Flickr:

Even editors of blue-covered IT magazines learn to make the prettier picture bigger.

I would like to spend more of my time looking at lacy, irregular, organic webs, and less of it looking at blue vector graphics. But in real life spider webs are sticky and crooked, and sometimes not nearly as shimmery as the ones on Flickr. A more analogue life requires discomfort beyond the dreams of the coddled Singapore expat.

Do you like Jack White? I’ve never been that into his music, but nevertheless I sometimes enjoy interviews with him. I watched a documentary about four guitarists, of which he was one. He was explaining how he makes guitars by hand out of inappropriate materials, so that they won’t sound as good, and how he plans his moves on stage so that he needs six steps to get there, but only has time for four. You know me, I dismissed this instantly as wank. But I do keep thinking about it. And it seems he does too.


2 Responses to “Web – by Karen”

  1. Tabitha May 5, 2012 at 8:09 am #

    That planned imperfection thing is really interesting. As is the ubiquity of photo editing to make beautiful, real things look more perfect and therefore somehow more “real” to us.

    Unrelated, I hate to think about the kind of stock photos you must have used on that magazine. Shudder.

    • Karen May 6, 2012 at 7:07 am #

      Stock photos? My publishers were too cheap to use stock photos.

      Holy crap, I just had a look at the media jobs in Sydney out of curiosity – dire!

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