Web by Beth

1 May

Hey ladies. This isn’t really the sound of my voice talking to you… actually, it is, but it’s a post that’s been written in advance because I’m on screen free week right now. April 30 – May 6. So…..the only access to the web I’m going to have is when I’m at work. I guess I’ll keep my phone on aeroplane mode so that I can’t be tempted. Podcasts from mobile are permitted. But no computer usage, no email (only at work). I’m allowed to talk on the phone, and texting is allowed too. That’s the rule we went with last year.

I’ll keep a note of any observations. Last year it was like withdrawing from caffeine or something. All I could think about was internet, I felt jittery and lost, and then I got into the swing of it, and I found that my computer usage was much more responsible for a week or so afterwards. I wasn’t just logging on to get that Pavlovian fix of email or social networking. Interestingly, there was a study done about Facebook getting its users to experience “core flow” – a really optimal state of mind that’s both challenging and positive. I totally fit in this category – that feeling of logging on and checking the top stories and feeling that everything is OK with my peeps, and there’s interesting stuff out there.

Leo watches “shows on the pooter” with Jeff in the mornings, so it’s going to be “interesting” to see how he goes with lack there of.

In other news of the web, this wet weather Sydney has been having over the past 6 months or so has made for lots and lots of spiders. There are webs all along the river and stretching from house to house on our street. It’s pretty.


One Response to “Web by Beth”

  1. Tabitha May 2, 2012 at 2:25 am #

    This post fills me with guilt. The only thing that will make me feel better is to footle away some more of my morning on the internet.

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