Maps in my blood by Beth

12 Apr

My great grandfather William Guy Harding was a cartographer – he was my Mum’s Dad’s Dad. Maybe that goes some way to explaining why I find maps totally hot.

Before my bedroom walls were covered with Cure posters, they were covered with maps. Said maps came as inserts in my Grandad (Dad’s Dad’s) National Geographic magazines. So that’s two sides of the family with the map-love. I’ve noticed that Leo has a fetish for maps at the moment which I’m encouraging.

Here is one of William Guy’s maps. I could say that the narrow depth of field was on-purpose arty, but it’s more just that it was taken at night on the kitchen bench because daylight hours are filled with a sick child obsessed with maps atm, and this one is really delicate, so no tiny (ripping) hands allowed.

Being a cartographer would have been so different then than it is now. Real pen and ink stuff. I bet it’s one of those jobs that sounds glamourous but it was really really hard. Especially if you were one of the early people who had to go out and gather the data for the maps by boat and land.


2 Responses to “Maps in my blood by Beth”

  1. Karen April 15, 2012 at 12:17 pm #

    What a beautiful map 🙂

  2. Tabitha April 17, 2012 at 3:11 am #

    This post made me realise I have no idea what my great-grandparents did. For shame.

    The photos are beautiful – that new camera is obviously working a treat.

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