Battery by Beth

20 Mar

I went around and counted everything in the house that uses a battery and got to 52. Excessive.

Everything from our digital kitchen scales to the car, to torches and phones. We no longer have a TV or a VCR, so that accounts for not having the feeling of constantly having a missing remote, or inexplicably needing to press buttons on three separate remotes just to watch TV. Leo’s toys make up about a third of the battery-powered devices. I don’t think we’ve ever bought him a toy that requires batteries but other people seem compelled to. They even have battery operated books now. Hell in a basket ladies. That’s where we’re headed…

Speaking of energy consumption. We got our first power bill since the solar panels a while back, and it was about $30 for the quarter. Down from $200 and something (including full green energy). And it’s been a crap rainy summer, so that bodes well for them.

Short post is nice for a change, eh. I usually go on and on.


One Response to “Battery by Beth”

  1. Tabitha March 21, 2012 at 6:40 am #

    I just counted our batteries too: only ten! There’s a lot to be said for having a tiny little house.

    Toys with batteries are the absolute pits, and always so breakable and disposable too. Of the toys I remember most from my childhood, or hung on to into adulthood, none are the battery-operated kind.

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