Duty – a late post by Justyna

5 Mar

Having finished all the seasons of Breaking Bad recently (I tend to watch nothing for months, then when I have an essay due or work to be done or a kid to be boobed, I boot up the laptop and sit glued to it, watching three episodes in one day, devouring seasons like reheated dinners), I asked around for recommendations of what to watch next. Because I have little idea of what goes on in good TV land, I turn to my trusted friends and cousin Kukuś for worthy telly viewing. Juliette this time suggested I get into Downton Abbey. And I did. Wholeheartedly. Apart from being good viewing it got me thinking about the aristocracy and their purpose and my public law lecturer, Drew Fraser, whom I loved dearly for his conservative and yet very convincing views in a totally lefty public law student world. Okay, he did have a tendency to shock his listeners who repeated the minorities mantra ad nauseam, with his viewpoints that were probably last publicly voiced in the 70s without reprimand. Yet the whole picture that he provided us with, my gut totally agreed with him.

As a third year uni student you tended to stand firmly by the idea that the aristocracy was bad, bad, bad. A wasteland of idle pleasures and lack of hard work. Yet Drew reminded us all that when you are deeply rooted into a local community and your wealth is inherited relying upon that community, you have a duty and a responsibility to the past, to the present and to the future, as the aristocrats did (and unlike short term investors do today). A duty to the past, the present and the future. The idea had a huge impact on me then (even only if in abstract terms), probably tied in to the fact that my family was uprooted thereby shedding all duty to the past (like the aging grandparents we left behind).

Anyway, Lord Grantham totally embodies this ideology and I love him for it. He is the type of aristocrat that I always associated with Drew’s concept. The perfect master whose duty to his subordinates, is just as important as to his family, to his village and to his land and title and to what he passes on to his heir.

Now that season two is finished, anyone got any ideas of what I should watch next?

And yes, I think Mischa should do a guest post. In fact Lady Cora looks like an older version of Mischa. In my book that is enough reason why Misch should write a post.


9 Responses to “Duty – a late post by Justyna”

  1. Natalia March 6, 2012 at 3:22 am #

    Yes, True Blood.

    Kukus and I have not failed you yet. The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, The Inbetweeners etc. A little faith please!

  2. Tabitha March 6, 2012 at 4:08 am #

    My God, just mention of the name “Drew Fraser” makes me feel tense, and I never even had him as a teacher. I have no idea whether I agree with his ideologies or not (I always tried to stay out of those conversations!), but at least he made an impression on his students.

    As for TV shows, you’ve inspired me to try Downton Abbey. I STRONGLY disagree with Natalie about True Blood, but I know I’m in the minority there. Sigh. I am currently addicted to Parks & Recreation (slow first season, like Mad Men, but then goes gangbusters). Nathan and I also lost an entire weekend to Game Of Thrones which is a fantasy series with dragons and dwarves and shit. I still don’t know why it’s so good, but it is.

    And I vote that next week’s theme is “Mischa”.

    • Beth March 6, 2012 at 10:14 am #

      I did first year law at Macquarie and I don’t think I had anything to do with Drew Fraser. Is this possible?! Or have I just blocked it out?

      I LOVE Downton Abbey too!!! I have only watched season 1 so thank you for no spoilers JK!

      I’m with Tabs re Parks and Recreation. Seasons 2 and 3 soar. Tell me you’ve watched Mad Men! Have just discovered Portlandia and that is very funny. Community first season is excellent, but the 2nd isn’t doing it for me so much.

      You are so hardcore breastfeeding while you watch Breaking Bad one ep after another! We tried to watch a few eps right after Leo was born. I would sit there pumping the boob (there was a lot of pumping going on @ the time) and watching f&#cked up s$%t. It was too much for me! I should try again because people rave about it.

      How would Mischa do a post about Mischa? I think Mischa should pick a topic (email it to JK or TC) and we’ll all dance to her tune. She can also do an entry if she so desires.

      • Justyna March 6, 2012 at 6:08 pm #

        @ Nat, even though you have not failed me yet, vampire shit just isn’t going to get my streamlining engine running. We’ve had this conversation before. Forget it. But please, if something else resembling reality does come up, be sure to let me know. Although yes, Game of Thrones has been now recommended to be by at least 5 people (including one of the partners at work who watches it in dubbed), somehow dwarves do it more for me than vampires. At least dwarves don’t pretend to be real people living in the burbs.

        @ Tabs, you had to live through Drew I guess. Hugh who disagreed with him most of the time still loved him. There is value in that. You and Beth have been harping on about this Parks & Recreation business, so I will look into it. And (sigh) the whole Game of Thrones will have to be looked into also. I love maternity leave.

        @ Beth, of course I’ve watched Mad Men! In fact, my cuzaroonie Nat (see above), sent me the dvd of the first season when Kazek was born. One of the best presents to get when a newborn pops! It was my midnight treat during night boobing sessions. Despite watching Breaking Bad with Jules he is still the quieter and more chilled out baby. Thanks for the other telly recommendations. Duly noted.

        Drew took the public law subject (alongside constitutional law) in second year Beth, and then American Constitutional law and Corporate Governance in 4th and 5th. You so should have stuck around.

        As to Mischa, should we perhaps ask her first whether she even wants to contribute? Maybe we’re a bit more excited about the idea than she is.

  3. mischa March 7, 2012 at 10:51 am #

    i’m honoured you’d suggest inviting me to do a guest post. to think i might find myself in such talented company!
    poor karen might struggle with a post on “mischa” since i don’t think we’ve ever met, but i guess she could always write about mischa barton or mischa baryshnikov or mischa the next door neighbour’s cat or some other more famous mischa… (i’m also a bit scared of what tabitha might write – i was recently looking up old emails to find justyna’s snail mail address and came across a really (unintentionally) rude email i wrote to tabitha about how i never wanted to play settlers of catan with nathan ever again – i think i meant it to be funny!)
    i think justyna’s idea is a goodie – i’ll come up with a topic for y’all, but it might take me a little while. let me know what day of the week the new topic usually starts.
    on the telly front, i’m just overwhelmed by what’s out there and afraid of getting addicted. i watched six feet under when it was on telly (but missed quite a few episodes cos it was always on at different times) and ventured into the land of the DVD to watch a season and a half of breaking bad late last year, but i haven’t seen anything else. not the sopranos, not the west wing, not the wire, not mad men, not true blood, not nothing!* now that’s bucking a trend, tabitha. (not really. i’m just scared i’ll like it too much and never again see daylight… or read a book… or visit my friends… or comment on far flung four posts.)
    * in the interests of full disclosure, i should reveal that i have recently seen a few grabs of portlandia on youtube.

    • mischa March 7, 2012 at 11:52 am #

      i haven’t seen downton abbey either, so i’ll have to google lady cora. she’d better be hot!

    • Tabitha March 9, 2012 at 11:51 am #

      That’s not rude, Mischa, that’s what everyone at board games night used to say about Nathan. Actually, my friend Derek said “I want to punch that beardy guy in the face”. Nathan is just naturally unbearable in many ways.

      I had no idea that Six Feet Under still exists! And you’re right to stay away from TV series. I get utterly obsessed and addicted then feel despicable for wasting so much time watching them. TV stations were doing what was best for us when they used to give us only one episode a week.

      • Karen March 10, 2012 at 3:29 am #

        I would be totally “hyped” to write a post about Mischa, even though I’ve never met her. I would just wait till all three of you had written your posts, then I would give a thoughtful, critical review of Mischa, her strengths and weaknesses, and where I feel she should take her life from here on.

        Winky face.

        But seriously, I would do that.

  4. Ayesha Budd April 2, 2012 at 8:24 pm #

    Agreed with Downton Abbey, as well as Game of Thrones (based on an AWESOME series of books), I recently watched Battlestar Galactica.. I know I KNOW, but it has some fabulous characters, and some nice pithy female role models to boot. OK, for eye candy and suspense – I suggest White Collar. And I guess all you far flung Aussies have seen Rake. There is something about it I really enjoyed. I have not owned a TV for 9 years, so I never see anything other than the series which I download when the craving takes me. Mmm, I would suggest Greys Anatomy, but you may all throw knives at me. I would love the far flung fours´ views of some of the Meredith Grey (yes she is a leeetle annoying) summations on life at end. One final recommendation – OK, I was a little desperate one week and watched Terra Nova.

    Greetings from another far flung Aussie in Brazil. I appreciated all your tips, and sometimes when life in a foreign country makes me cringe.. I love to read all of your prosaic blogs!

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