Obsessions by Beth

9 Jan

Teenagers and obsessions go hand in hand. Here were a few of mine. Special thanks to my parents who either encouraged/didn’t discourage them leaving them to flourish.

Purple was a big one. Purple hair, purple stockings, purple velvet bags, purple shot silk skirts and oversized band t-shirts.

Music. I listened to the same Cure song (‘Like Cockatoos’ for the record) every morning before school and carried around a printed copy of lyrics to Cure songs I had transcribed in my pocket at all times. When I was 13, I hosted a 33rd birthday party for Robert Smith of the Cure in my bedroom where I burned 33 cones of incense and a lot of candles. I remember having to stick my head out the window for air and cursing my lack of hardcoreness. Other bands I obsessed over included The Smiths and Lush, and there were many other more minor musical obsessions.

Movies. I have seriously seen ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’ a couple of hundred times. I can still recite chunks of dialogue from it. “He’ll keep calling me, he’ll keep calling me until I come over. He’ll make me feel guilty. Ok, this is ridiculous. I’ll go. I’ll go. I’ll go. Shit. I’ll go.” I also watched the 1980 BBC ‘Pride and Prejudice‘ and Alan Ayckbourn’s ‘Season’s Greetings‘ an inordinate number of times. This is quite a strange combo but there you have it.

Alfoil. I had crushed alfoil all over my ceiling and my door for a long while. Also had it on a few folders. Last year my cousin showed me that they now have purple alfoil. The teenage me is still getting over the excitement. During the hardcore Cure phase my bedroom was wall-to-wall Cure posters. We were renting, so Mum made me take down all the posters every six months so the walls didn’t get marked. Then in 1999 Mum and Dad bought a house, and I went nuts. I think I counted 900 pairs of eyes staring at me at one point. The walls have never recovered.

My bedroom circa 1999

People. Being an only child I think I went in a bit hard when it came to friendships. I remember some girls were really mean to me in Year 7 and rejected me from “the group”. I took it badly and played a lot of sad music, burned a sample of one of their handwriting, sealed it in a coconut and rolled it down a very long hill and into the sea. This really did make me feel a lot better. I also specialised in long-running crushes that came to absolutely nothing. My mind boggles at the potential crazy-factor of teenagers having access to things like Facebook during this delicate obsessional time. I only had a landline and managed to spend up to 6 hrs a night on the phone. Things like BBSs were just coming in when I was in about Yr 10.

Later obsessions included documentary, Stereolab and breadtags. I think I could still muster about 50%  obsessional power in my adulthood, but what is really missing is the time to fully pursue said obsessions. I guess in my case the part of my brain that was able to think of nothing but an obsessional object is now taken up with 24 hour care of a small person.


3 Responses to “Obsessions by Beth”

  1. Justyna January 9, 2012 at 11:45 am #

    This is an excellent post. I LOVE the coconut rolling down the hill into the sea. I love it! And the fact that you chose a coconut instead of some sad-arse bottle of beer or the like. A coconut! Very eco Beth at 13. With your 33 cones of incense you must have been one intense young dudette.

  2. Tabitha January 11, 2012 at 1:59 am #

    Aaah, that bedroom. Avant Card was a real boon of a company for us nineties home decorators. They were probably owned by Blu Tac.

    Isn’t it weird to think that you’re now 33, the age that Robert Smith was when 13 year olds were burning incense for his birthday.


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