Future plans by Beth

27 Dec

Karen says the topic is “pension” and my eyes immediately glazed over. I’m not really up with the whole future planning thing. We own a house already, and Jeff has made it pretty clear that they’ll be carrying him out of here in a box, so we’re not looking to move anytime soon. I would like to go and live in NZ again at some point, but that’s a way-off in the distance can’t even see how it would work thing. We hope to drop another sprog, but we don’t have any particular plan in mind for that. I put money into my super for the first time last year, so now it’s got $4.11 in it (give or take).We want to run a shop one day. That’s a bit of joint dream but we’re not doing anything to make that happen. Career-wise I don’t have a grand plan or even a mud map I might need gumboots for… So we have some vague dreams, but no dot points.

Do all of you have future plans?


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