Trains, trains, trains by Beth

6 Dec

We’re all about trains in this house.

Jeff and I both catch trains to work and most weekday mornings all three of us walk down to the station (either Marrickville or Tempe) to see the worker bee off.

Then a walk to the nearest park for oodles of “up sky”

Today Leo and I went into town for no particular reason (it involved me wanting to go to DJ’s Food Hall because it’s been a bit of hard slog lately and it’s my pick-me-up)

Here’s Leo playing adoringly with his new train set he got for his birthday on the weekend.

And a ride-on Thomas we rented for the party. He’s REALLY into Thomas the Train.


2 Responses to “Trains, trains, trains by Beth”

  1. Tabitha December 7, 2011 at 5:18 am #

    Completely confirming everything I wrote in my post, these pictures of trains and stations made me all dewy-eyed. Madness.

  2. Justyna December 10, 2011 at 11:24 am #

    Beth go and take some pictures of Rooty Hill station. Ain’t that pretty. Fucking ugly actually. And an hour commute whilst standing because there is no more room every single day of your life, opens suicidal tendencies you never knew you had. Sorry. I hated commuting in Sydney. Almost all the time. Obviously a lot had to do with the fact that I lived in a shithole in the middle of nowhere. But waking up every morning and either catching a private, over-priced bus (no other option) to the station, or walking for 56 minutes to the station, or praying that dad would be going in to work late and could drop me off at the station, and then sitting on the train for an hour to get to work or 35 minutes to get to school, was god-awful. I will NEVER get dewy-eyed about Sydney trains. NEVER.

    The only train experience I loved was when it involved getting somewhere for pleasurable purposes. Like the Mountains or even Newcastle. Then I enjoyed it. I really did.

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