Flexibility – by Karen

12 Oct
I was in Hong Kong yesterday and decided to take a walk around the Peak. It was a drizzly day that would later turn typhoonish. Fog sat on the mountain’s heavy moss shoulders, and black-eared kites wheeled like they always do in Hong Kong, improbably large. I sensed a message in the quietness of that view, the inscrutable grey-white of the sky so remote from the featureless buzz that nevertheless rose from the city below. I felt the suggestion of China and all the calamity of current affairs below that mountain. Fleetingly, I experienced a hint of warning of some unexpected doom, a warning available but not attended to. But what doom could possibly come that we haven’t been warned against – after 9-11, the Japanese tsunami and all the traditional miseries of war and famine? I guess the only doom that comes as a surprise is the one that gets you.

It was a nice walk though.


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