Switching between fast and slow – by Beth

24 Sep

When a tiny person called Leo crashed a semi-trailer (at speed) into what I will call “life before Leo”, I never could have dreamt of the repercussions. Well, I totally could, but it’s just different actually living in “life after Leo” and one of the big things is how my relationship with fast and slow has changed.

At the start, my life felt like it slowed down to some insanely slow groundhog day. Feed, change, sleep, feed, change, sleep, feed, change, sleep. And he took soooo long to go to sleep. Always has. Just close your eyes and sleep already! Having left a fast-paced, busy job a couple of months earlier, I couldn’t believe that this is what my life had become. My brain was in a fog too so I couldn’t think so fast. Baby conspiracy to force you into “slowing the hell down Career Mummy and take a chill pill”.

So, I adjusted, and leaving the house I was struck by how everyone was moving so fast, talking so fast. Do do do. Buy buy buy. TIME WARP!

After a while I got my regular brain back. Phew! But I started to (literally) smell the roses and learn to enjoy the new pace of my life.

Then, he started crawling and stuff sped up again. and walking, and it sped up again. Today, he was insisting not only that Leo was running but that mummy needed to be running too. But don’t get me wrong. It still takes us 30 minutes to walk around the block if he’s not rushed by me. Close gate. Open gate. Close gate. Open gate. Look a cat! Ooh, a berry! etc.

I’ve returned to work two days a week and it’s so amazing to have the opportunity to straddle the two time zones. It’s given me that “perspective” thing that older mothers tell you get when you have kids and you think yada,yada. But it’s true! I’m so much more adept at switching between fast and slow than I used to be. It’s very satisfying.

And now for a couple of lists, because I love a good list….

Stuff I’m faster at since having a kid: Shopping (I liken it to staging a raid, London riots-style, except that I pay for it at the end); sex (it’s only us that read this, right?); internet shopping (I sometimes terrify myself how fast I can buy multiple things on Etsy); reading crappy women’s magazines in supermarket queues.

Stuff I do slower since having a kid: Cooking (I do it faster, but it takes a lot longer. I start chopping vegies at like 9am and make it in bits and pieces throughout the day); folding laundry (or it could just be that there is so. damn. much. of. it. Blah!) Walking anywhere, or here’s a new one – walking with no particular destination in mind! Just walking where the mood takes you.


2 Responses to “Switching between fast and slow – by Beth”

  1. bmktaylor September 24, 2011 at 12:04 pm #

    P.S. I’m slower at writing blog posts than I used to be too! I remember always being first when we did the last blog and now I dragged the chain. Sorry dudes, will be better next week I promise!

    • kshyva September 26, 2011 at 6:52 am #

      It’s ok Beth. Spend that extra time on some longer sex!

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